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Wonderful holiday designs with a whimsical flair. Wonderful accessories make the perfect gift--bookmarks, scissors cases, coin purses, eyeglass cases, etc. These are pre-finished items and are very affordable. All are hand-painted on 18-count canvas, not stamped out.

In some instances, all you have to do is add a bit of glue to the back (or slip-stitch the fabric backing) to finish them. Most of them, you upzip and stitch.

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WH413 Cat in Leaves

10 x 14," 13-Mesh, $115

WH414 Floral Cat w/Vase

12 x 14," 13-Mesh, $115

LP208 Floral Round

14", 13-Mesh, $110

SH5649 Spring Kites

12 x 16,", 13-Mesh, $129

LP204 Persian Geometric

14 x 14,", 13-Mesh, $125

LP300 Magi and Holy Family

14", 18-Mesh, $125

FTC241 Tiger Lilies

15 x 20,", 13-Mesh, $130

SR 065 Lotus Rug

2 x 3', 10-Mesh,

Beautiful, classical design!

WHB 512 Ginger Jar

Approx 10.5 x 16", 13-Mesh, $95

WH495 Stained Glass Nativity

16 x 20", 13-Mesh, $168

Absolutely Stunning!!

ST7007 Nativity Stocking

16" Tall, 13-Mesh, $88

ST7001 Nutcracker Stocking

10 x 16", 13-Mesh, $90

ST7007 Christmas Village Stocking

10 x 16", 13-Mesh, $90

ST3002 Traditional Santa w/Child

11 x 18", 13-Mesh, $115

All of the bookmarks pictured below are affordably priced at only $29.

Stitched Model. Very fun and quick to stitch. Stitched in Splendor Silk Floss (4 plies)

PBK 3738 Red Persian Carpet

PKB 3717 Laura Burch Pink Cat

PBK 3722 English Cottage

PBK 3715 Laura Burch Rainbow Cat

PBK 3723 Springtime

PBK 3726 Oriental Coins

PBK 3127 Lotus & Fan

PBK 3737 Cream Persian Carpet

PBK 3739 Golf

PBK 3741 Sailing

PBK 3742 Fishing

PBK 3748 Tulips

PBK 3758 (Strength, Vigor)

PBK 3754 (Brave, Courageous, Fearless)

PBK 3714 Tulips in Blue Vase

PBK 3744 Shepherds' Watch

PBK 3746 Peony w/Blue Swirls

PBK 3747 Irises w/Yellow Swirls

PBK 3749 Crocuses

PBK 3750 Autumn Leaves

PBK 3735 Chinese Oriental

PBK 3743 Cards

PBK 3719 Cottage w/Hollyhocks

PBK 3721 Cottage w/Ducks

PBK 3720 Cottage w/Spring Trees

PBK 3763 Peacock

PBK3767 Trees in Winter

PBK3761 Rose Topiary

PBK 3765 At the Lake #1

PBK 3766 At the Lake #2

PBK 3775 Two Doves

PBK 3779 Butterfly w/Red Poppy

PBK 3780 Blue Butterfly w/Daisy

PBK 3786 Tropical Fish

PBK 3731 Christmas Wreath and Candle

PBK3745 Holy Family

PBK 3725 Oriental Butterflies

PBK 3718 Laura Burch "Fish on My Mind"

PBK 3772 Oriental Rug

PBK 3769 Southwestern Rug

Eyeglass Cases. Can also be used for cell phones. These are finished with a wonderful ultra suede backing. Simply unzip, stitch, and re-zip! They are affordably priced at $39 each.

PEG 9619 Tiffany Glass

PEG 9611 Peony

PEG 9621 Laura Burch "Day" Cat

PEG 9620 Laura Burch "Night" Cat

PEG 9615 Blue Dragon

PEG 9616 Unicorn

PEG 9614 Blue Willow

PEG 9610 Tropical Fish

PEG 9602 Cloisionne Birds

PEG 9626 Tulips w/Tiffany Style Grapes

Scissors Cases. These are prefinished, just unzip and stitch. Finished with a wonderful ultra suede backing. Only $32 each.

PSC 7115 Blue Phoenix

PSC 7102 White Crane

PSC 7121 Oriental Garden

PSC 7105 Butterfly Floral

PSC 7112 Tulips

PSC 7108 Poppies

PSC 7110 Single Peony

PSC 7101 Buterflies & Wisteria

PSC 7118 Butterfly and Peony

PSC 7119 Butterfly and Strawberries

Coin Purses.  These make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Again, just unzip to stitch. Ultrasuede finish.  $32 each.

PCP 8212 Laura Burch Cats

PCP 8221 Geometric

PCP 8220 Shells

PCP 8211 Rooster

PCP 8205 Oriental