Models--Click on the thumbnail pictures to see an enlarged view. This will permit you so see stitching details and the luster of the various fibers.

Bargello Cushion--Stitched entirely in Splendor Silk Floss; 6 plies on 18-count. Measures 9 x 19."

When you want to capture beautiful colors w/sheen, nothing beats a beautiful silk!

Design modified from "The Bargello Book" by Frances Salter, Lacis Publications: Berkeley, CA, 1993.

Cupcakes! Look good enough to eat!

Treglown Designs Irises. Stitched in Splendor Silk Floss, Vineyard Silk, and Watercolours.

Close-up showing use of Eggshell Watercolours in the background, stitched in Cashmere Stitch. Subtle shades.

Phalenopsis Orchids--Stitched in Splendor Silk and Black Silk n Ivory for Background. Made into a mitered/boxed pillow in Black Moire Fabric.

Lee's Needle Arts, Drogonflies--Leather Jewelry Case. Stitched in Splendor Silk Floss and Petite Sparkle Rays.

Persian Pillow--Treglown Designs

15" Square, Boxed. 12-Mesh. Stitched entirely in Silk n Ivory and Vineyard Silks (2 plies). Excellent sheen!

Stitched on Tokens & Trifles Stitching Card. This is a FREE design at Silk Road Needle Arts.

Approximately 3.5 x 3"

Laura J. Perin design, "Maple Leaf." Counted canvas design using Watercolours Handyed Thread and Pearl Cottons.

Cross from Lee's Needle Arts. Design stitched in continental stitch w/Trebizond. Background stitched with Impressions/HiLights in Jacquard Stitch.

Wonderful handbag stitched by a customer.

Cosmetic Bag from Lee's Needle Arts. Stitched in Trebizond Silk(Access Commodities) and Petite Sparkle Rays (Rainbow Gallery.)

Bargello pattern stitched in Watercolorus and Silk & Ivory.

Eyeglass case design from JP Needlepoint. Stitched using Gloriana Silk floss in the background w/Slendor Silk floss for the design.

Faberge Eggs from Lee's Needle Arts. Stitched in Splendor Silk Floss and Snow (The Caron Collection.)

Just Nan, "Mermaid Heart." Stitched by a customer of Silk Road Needle Arts.

ABS Designs, "Egmont Key." Lighthouse stitched in framed mosaic stitch using Watercolours. Background stitched in framed cashmere using Splendor Silk

Lee's Needle Arts, "Palm Tree w/Boat." Water stitched in Sparkle Rays & Flair (Rainbow Gallery." Remainder stitched in Splendor Silk (Rainbow Gallery.

Ornament designed by local artist.

Stitched model using Splendor Silk and Accentuate (Access Commodities.)

A pair of designs from Needle Crossings. Design stitched in Splendor Silk; background stitched in Silk & Ivory in a woven basket pattern.

Oriental pillow from JP Needlepoint. Stitched in Silk & Ivory.

Alice Peterson. Lighthouse nite light. Stitched in Splendor Silk, Accentuate (Access Commodities) and Fyre Werks (Rainbow Gallery.)

SJ Designs. Ornament from counted canvas design. Stitched using Confetti Fiber (SJ Designs) and pearl cotton.

Kathy Schenkel cube. Stitched using Mandarin/Bamboo floss (Rainbow Gallery) and Snow metallics (Caron Collection.)

A Dragon's Tale "Crescent Santa." Stitched using Mandarin Floss, Rainbow Gallery metallics and Soy Luster.

A Dragon's Tale, Crescent Santa. Stitched using Mandarin Floss and Splendor Silk (Rainbow Gallery)

Swan designed by Tricia Wilson Nguyen; appears in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly, Winter 2008. This shop model was stitched by Bonnie

and it turned out beautifully! Stitched on Tokens & Trifles perforated paper.

Exclusive Scissors Fobs from Local Artist.