Silk Road Needle Arts

                            St. Petersburg, Florida 


Access Commodities--Londonderry Linen.


Size 18/3, 12 meter spool, $1.80

Size 30/3, 20 meter spool, $1.80

Size 50/3, 30 meter spool, $1.80

Size 80/3, 50 meter spool, $2.10

Size 100/3, 50 meter spool, $2.50


Londonderry Linen thread provides a matte finish for various forms of needlework, counted thread, embroidery, and needlepoint. In many ways it is better than cotton, since it is quite strong and will not wear thin in the needle.


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Silk Road Needle Arts stocks the full line of Londonderry Linen, and following table is based on Access Commodities catalog listing; an "X" indicates the size is available in that particular color:


Color Size 18/3 Size 30/3 Size 50/3 Size 80/3 Size 100/3
Jonquil         X         X         X         X  
Canary         X         X         X         X  
Maple Sugar         X         X         X         X  
Wild Rose         X         X         X         X  
Cotton Candy         X         X         X         X  
Azalea Pink         X         X         X         X  
Violet         X         X         X         X  
Lilac         X         X         X         X  
Terra Cotta         X         X         X         X  
Redwood         X         X         X         X  
Cabernet         X         X         X         X  
Clove Brown         X         X         X         X  
Persian Green         X         X         X         X  
Peacock Green         X         X         X         X  
Evergreen         X         X         X         X  
Cornflower         X         X         X         X  
Bluebird         X         X         X         X  
Bluebonnet         X         X         X         X  
Ash Gray         X         X         X         X  
Beige         X         X         X         X         X
White         X         X         X         X         X
Ivory         X         X         X         X         X
Black         X         X         X         X