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SILKS--  073 Cottage Woods

Gloriana Silk Floss  We stock this thread in 6-yard skeins ($7.30) and can special order 4-yard skeins and 40-yard hanks. We can also special order Luminescence (hand-dyed Soie 100/3), Princess Perle,  and Silk Ribbons (4mm, 7mm, and 13 mm) in matching colors.

This thread is 12-ply, so for counted thread projects, a skein provides a lot of coverage. Comes in 134 colors (as of 2006) colors and the dying is excellent! Although some of them are quite lively in color changes, most of them are exquisite, subtle shades. This thread has the luster and beauty of others silks, but does not "catch" on your hands. It is very easy to stitch with.


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For your convenience, we have provided an alphabetical listing below:


Ada's Rainbow--101 Ant. Gold, Dark--086 Ant. Pink--065
Apricot Grove--076 Autumn Arbor--113 Autumn Gold--041
Baby Corn--129 Bell Flower--080 Berry Purple--033
Blossoms--083 Blue Grass--050 Blue Hawaii--078
Blueberry--024 Branch Coral--125 Bright Orange--111
Caribbean Sea--068 Charcoal--001 Cherry Tart--128
Cobblestone--126 Cottage Woods--073 Cottage Woods, Lt--073A
Cranberry--062 Deep Blue Sea--017 Delphinium--085
Desert Rose--106 Dried Pink Roses--119 Ecru--104
Elizabethan Green--117 Fall Foliage--077 Fallen Leaves--046
Fiesta--037 Forest--087 Fresh Snow--102
Granny Smith Green--053 Grape--061 Green Gables--120
Halloween Green--097 Harvest Grape--112 Highland Garden--066
Highland Garden Dk--066A Highland Meadow--040 Holiday Green--016
Honey Bronze--107 Hydrangea--081 India Ink--103
Jacaranda--011 Jewel Blue--058 Jewel Green--014
Jewel Turquoise--020 Lacquered Gold--045 Laura's Garden--084
Lavender Ice--132 Lucky Old Sun--092 Mango Sorbet--082
Merry's Mauve--122 Miami Deco--100 Midnight--093
Mint Green-015 Monet's Pond Green--108 Monet's Pond--079
Narcissus--004 Olive Grove--116 Opulent Orange--095
Orange Soda--090 Orchid--110 Pacific Blue--057
Pacific Blue Light--057A Peach Blush--098 Peacock Green--069
Periwinkle--029 Poinsettia--035 Purkle Fred--127
Purple Night Sky--025 Rain Forest--067 Raspberry Parfait--091
Red Clay--114 Rosa Linda--038 Rose Flame--070
Rosewood--012 Sable--131 Seaweed--088
Sierra Haze--072 Sierra Haze Lt.--072A Silver Fox--002
Slate Blue--124 Slate Blue Light--124A Slate Green--051
Spanish Moss--048 Spring Green--099 Summer Foliage--096
Summer Sky--022 Sunflower--130 Taupe--105
Teal Twilight--018 Topiary--115 Tropical Sea--019
Twilight--089 Twilight Blue--118 Ultra Violet--032
Valencia--007 Valentines--036 Vanilla--003
Velvet Night Sky--023 Victorian Rose--123 Winter Brook--071
Winter Woods--010 Wood Pond--049